RIC Enterprises


RIC Enterprises
is a Nonprofit Corporation incorporated
in Washington State, U.S.A.


RIC Enterprises aspires to create pathways to a brighter future for all without exception, in many arenas including inventions, industries, health, education, arts & sciences, recreation, philosophy & philanthropy.


2012 World Renewable Energy Forum Papers:                  Beneficial Applications of Inflatable Heliostatic Mirrors;                                                                                 Revolving Iceboats Power (RIP) System Applications;                                                                                   Synnergistic Current & Offshore Wind (SCOW) Systems   



Recent News


Click here or on the Inventions Tab for PDFs of RIC Enterprises' Inventions

The slides from the presentation at SOLAR 2018 are now available.

Click here to view the Solar 2010 presentation on the "Surya" inflatable concentrating photovoltaic system!

Floating Ice Sheet Based Renewable Energy Harvesting System US Patent 8,393,553 B2 Issues!

Current Opportunities:
License for "FlexiCross" vehicle
License for Crossover Motorhome
License for "Pogo-Ski"
Solar, Wind, & Hydroelectric Energy Research & Development
(See links under Recent News above)
Pediatric & Global Health Consultation
Mathematics Education Consultation
Fundraising for Service in India


"RIC Enterprises" & "RSV Invention & Creation Enterprises" are short for "Ramakrishna-Sarada-Vivekananda Invention & Creation Enterprises & Institute."
RIC Enterprises is Washington State Nonprofit Corporation UBI 601 846 933, and is an institutional affiliate ofthe Vedanta Society of Western Washington.

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